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Welcome to YoniLuv™


Nadine McLean, Founder

Meet the Founder

Hey Queen!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nadine and I started Yoniluv Wellness and Spa by first embarking on a powerful  journey  for myself.

I, like many other women, was unaware about the  extremely effective and Holistic options for reproductive health and feminine care out there  and when I was lead to the truth.. It changed EVERYTHING for me. Mind, Body, Soul... AND Yoni.


So much so that, this mother of five, took a leap of faith and opened an entire spa dedicated to empowering women on their journeys to self love and care through holistic wellness products and services, in hopes that I would educate women and pre-teens on the life changing  power and importance of womb healing that I have come to discover!

Green Leaves

As a result of what we do...

Women are discovering a powerful way to elevate their wellbeing through their Yoni.

YoniLuv Wellness provides a selection of feminine care products such as natural womb cleansing remedies and methods for the support of reproductive health. The product range is created using specially selected natural ingredients, known for supporting conditions of the female reproductive system and holistic well-being.

Our Mission

To develop a culture for self-care and love to raise self-esteem and confidence of women starting their journey of puberty through to adulthood.

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