YoniLuv™ Coffee Enema - Colon cleansing (DETOX) is to clean and remove impurities, food waste, as well as toxins that remain in the intestines because waste is often not fully excreted.

This residue stays in the intestine, sometimes sticking to the intestinal walls making the system sluggish. This can have a negative effect on the body, causing various symptoms such as chronic constipation, difficulty sleeping, flatulence, frequent flare ups, abdominal pain, diarrhea,  headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, foul mouth, and body odor. Also, chronic skin diseases, rashes often followed by ulcers, even allergic asthma, pain in the body, pain in the joints, colon cancer and liver cancer, etc.  Cleansing the colon removes waste and toxins from the body, as well as  reducing the risk of disease.

Who should consider using an enema?
1. Always eating meat 
2. Episodes of constipation
3. Have excessive weight from constipation
4. Feeling exhausted, having frequent headaches, brain fog and dizziness 
5. Anorexia with an unknown cause
6. Uncomfortable bowel movement
7. Having dry/dull skin
8. Bad breath/odor 
9. Remove parasites plus many more benefits



YoniLuv™ Coffee Enema

  • 1. Relieve constipation.
    2. Colon cleansing. Many users believe in the health aspects of receiving an enema and the
        removal of toxins from the lower intestinal tract.
    3. Administering of some medications. Some enema users use enemas as a way to administer  
        medications. People that suffer from paralysis can use an enema as a way to evacuate their
    4. Health benefits. Many users believe in the health benefits of a clean colon. For example:
         -Having better blood circulation
         -Slow aging and revitalise the  skin
         -Maintain body balancing
         -Having brain relaxation
    5. Reduce weight by eliminating several pounds of excessive waste residue from the colon.
    6. Remove mucus - Mucus in the body is the facilitator for cancer!

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