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A delicious and maybe the prettiest tea you are going to enjoy and drink. YoniLuv Goddess Womb tea, supports a warm womb, a womb receiving adequate circulation (blood flow) to support its function of healthy and regular menstruation. Made from natural ingredient, our tea will ensure the womb receives vital daily nourishment.




Logan, Red dates, Chinese Wolfberry, Angelica sinensis, Dried ginger, Roses, Peony flowers


Each pack:

10 Teabags

YoniLuv Goddess Womb Tea

  • Helps with relieving cramps and heavy cycles

    Nourish womb and vagina

    Balance hormones 

    Improves dry skin

    Supports fertility 

    Regulates cycles

    Release stagnation in the womb


    How To Prepare:

    Put (1) tea bag in 8oz of hot water for 3-5mins. Sweeten with honey if you prefer.

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