Reusable, Eco-friendly, Economical, Ideal for all women, reduces the risk of infection and offers an alternative for feminine care products.

Menstrual cups not only save you money but they are a healthy alternative to conventional pads and tampons, not only are they re-usable and can last for years with proper care but they shape to fit your vagina without leaking. 

Have the confidence to do anything, with your YoniLuv Mooncup in place!

100% high quality medical grade silicone.


YoniLuv™ Moon (menstrual) Cup


    Please choose from 

    Large or Small Cup.

    Large is for women 30+ or for women who have had children.

    Small is for women under 30 and have not had children.


    1. Clean hand using soap and warm water.
    2. Wet the cup so it is easier to insert into the vagina.
    3. Crouch or squat down low.
    4. Fold the rim of the cup vertically in either a tight "U" fold or use your fingers to 
        make the rim of the cup coil round.
    5. With relaxed vaginal muscles, separate your labia ( inner lips ) with your free hand.
    6. Push the folded part of the YoniLuv Mooncup inside the vaginal opening
        So that the stem (or tip) of the cup is around 1/2 an inch inside.
    7. Inserting the YoniLuv Mooncup too high can lead to leaks or a difficult removal,
        lightly tug on the stem to make sure the cup is not too high up and is secure.
    8. Grip the base of the cup, not the stem and rotate 360 degrees (a complete circle)

    100% high quality medical grade silicone.

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