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Natural and gentle way to cleanse, rejuvenate and keep your Yoni odour free and fresh.


Helps to rid Yoni of BV

Foul Odour and Melasma

Rejuvenates Yoni

Cleans the uterine environment

Balances pH

Regulate menstrual cycle

Improves elasticity in the Yoni

Enhanced sensation

Enhanced lubrication

Stimulates the female hormone

Delays aging

Elim t.o.x.i.n.s

Helps renew yoni cells




Pearl Powder

Honeysuckle flower

Terminalia Tree 

YoniLuv™ Wand

  • Directions & Information

    1. Wash hands and Yoni (intimate area)

    2. Relax your V muscles and insert two-thirds of one piece of the wand into the V for 2 minutes, or insert for 5 minutes before intimacy.

    3. The YoniLuv Wand can be used daily for 30 seconds to aid in resolving any female odours.

    4. This natural herbal wand should be used within 6 months of the first insertion. The wand can be used up to 25-30 times, the wand will shrink, it is advised to purchase another when the wand becomes  smaller.

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