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YoniLuv Reviews

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Had a conversation with YoniLuv Journey on Sunday evening relating to Womb care and the services that YoniLuv Journey offers.


It was much more than a follow up call....It was LoVe. A Genuine concern for my wellbeing emanated from her conversation...It was easy to be open with her immediately as She was receptive to my vibration in such a way I felt at Home with turned out to be a mini consultation and as a result I intend to explore the benefits of Yoni Pearl's.


Feeling Connected and Inspired...Inn One LoVe

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I was introduced to the concept of Yoniluv and I found it interesting. I have had some gynological complaints and was suffering stress. After going through a consultation, recommendation and instructions I was sent a pack of Yoni pearls to which I started my detox.


I was definitely surprised at the discharge but it made sense to me and I felt that not only was I detoxifying my body but gained clarity of mind also. Even with the short amount of time used I saw a vast improvement in terms of my cycle and sensitivity and definitely feel with regular treatments further improvements will be made with things such as pms and heavy periods which I have been suffering since puberty and no doctor has ever been able to cure.

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Hey Star, I've got the best news. But before I get carried away let me start at the beginning. When I took the pearls out some dead skin and blood came out - will send pick later. I was a bit apprehensive but decided to wait and see. Over the period up to the third day nothing else came out and I thought that's it. Nothing much has happened. I was very wrong.


I'd had radiotherapy and brachytherapy for cervical cancer and the depth of my vaginal passage had been greatly reduced. As a result during intercourse my partner couldn't get all the way in plus I would bleed. We had sex last night for the first time after taking out the pearls a week ago.


There was no bleeding, I was wet and best of all he was able to get all the way in. Hooray! Now we can both enjoy sex again.


Thank you

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Hi Sis, I am not going to lie, the detox coffee enema is the absolute TRUTH! When you shared the message about them, I said let me give it a try. I weighed myself before and I was 12.5, when I finished I weighed 12.2! 3lbs gone just like that!


Not to mention what came out in the toilet! You are 100% correct, we are full of s***! I think I will be buying the enema's as presents this year! Thanks again Sis, for sharing.

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