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COVID-19, You and Yoni Steaming - You Know How to Kill Viruses!

Hey Queen,

I hope this email reaches you in the of best health!

There is a harmful virus spreading around the world at unprecedented rates and it's going to take all of us to stop it. We're in this together. The good news is, we already know how to kill viruses -- and we have the supplies and knowledge we need to do it. 

What do we know about coronavirus? #1 It spreads very quickly from person to person. #2 It can be deadly to certain populations of people. According to Nurse Midwife Zaire ( coronavirus can be deadly because: 1) it causes a lung infection (pneumonia); or 2) because it causes organs to go septic (a condition where the body tries to kill a virus but, because of poor circulation, accidentally hurts it's own organs).  I feel strongly that we already have the tools and the knowledge to not only combat both pneumonia and sepsis with steam (the thing that brings this community together) but also possibly to prevent them. Only time and experience will tell if this is true but at least we can try.  Nasal Steams and Coronavirus Much like how vaginal steaming can reach the uterus and help to clear out old residue and irregular discharge, a nasal steam can also do the same with the lungs and nasal passages. Clearing out the mucus helps to decrease the risk of lung infection and breathing difficulty. As the mucus drains out it also helps to clear the virus since viruses live and reproduce in mucus. Additionally, there is evidence that shows that the coronavirus is really fragile and can't survive at warm temperatures. This means that a nasal steam not only decongests, but may also kill the virus upon contact.  It's perhaps these same qualities that is helping so many vaginal steam users naturally get rid of HPV. (Killing viruses is something that we already know how to do.) Could nasal steams for everyone in your household help to keep you and your family safe and end this pandemic? I don't know but I don't think it would hurt. I'd recommend nasal steaming everyone in the household on the same day in order to kill the virus in anyone who may be carrying it and then a repeat steam anytime someone goes into public. Lastly, nasal steaming should be done immediately and regularly if someone starts to develop a cough, runny nose or congested sinuses. To do a nasal steam all you need is a pot and water. If you don't have any herbs it is still beneficial to steam with water only because it helps to drain the mucus (which is where the virus lives and reproduces). Vaginal Steams and Coronavirus Vaginal steam may also be helpful preventing and combatting the second coronavirus cause of death -- sepsis. We don't have enough research on vaginal steaming but based on mounting case study evidence it seems that vaginal steaming is very effective at increasing overall body circulation -- one of the requirements for preventing sepsis.  If someone is displaying sick symptoms I'd recommend daily 10 min vaginal steam sessions with YoniLuv Steam Herbs. From personal experience I steam when I am feeling tired or anxious, (I steam before bed as it is super relaxing and nourishing for the womb and body) the next morning I wake up with a boost in energy and experience a much faster decline in symptoms if I felt run down or a cold/flu coming on.

  Womb Cleanse and Immunity Additionally, I feel like this community has additional knowledge that places us in an advantageous place to keep ourselves healthy and educate others -- information on how to have a healthy womb cleanse.  When all of the organs are healthy, the body is in balance and the immunity is the strongest. When one organ is out of balance it weakens the immunity of the whole body. Learning how to have a healthy womb cleanse (another reason the womb health awareness community has formed) not only appears to be useful to eliminate menstrual pain and disorders but, since it promotes the efficiency of the uterine function, consequently strengthens the overall body and immunity. Females who track their cycles, have noticed a direct correlation between period care and their immunity. On months where they take good care of themselves during their period and have a healthy womb cleanse they don't get sick. On months they don't take care of their womb during their period they tend to fall sick. Again, this isn't something that we have research on but there are lots of people who have noticed this pattern and, besides, pampering yourself during your period couldn't hurt. 

Womb Cleanse Care Basics: The period is a natural uterine cleanse that occurs monthly.  You can know that a uterus had a complete cleanse if the period begins and ends with fresh red blood. Clots, cramps, brown menses, black menses, hesitant brown start or finish are signs that the uterus did not get a full cleanse. Proper period care is necessary to make sure the uterus can do it's monthly cleanse efficiently. Proper period care consists of rest, warmth, nourishment, hydration and not plugging up the flow.  To learn more about the YoniLuv Spring Clean Detox Box or book a virtual consultation to have your own womb cleanse care plan. 

Coronavirus Impact on Your Menstrual Cycle

Certain events and emotions can have an effect on menstrual cycles. You may see the effects of any stress, anxiety or uncertainty you've experienced during this coronavirus outbreak during your next menstruation. In times of stress some people's periods respond by coming early -- this means the events caused uterine fatigue. Other periods come late or go away entirely or will experience more cramps and clots -- this means that the events caused stagnation. Some people will experience infections -- this means that the events are causing excess heat or dampness. Some people's periods will go away or only see a very small amount of blood -- this means that the events are causing blood deficiency. 

Even if there are changes it's okay. The menstrual cycle is resilient and it can always bounce back to a healthy place. Be ready to give your body the care and proper period care it needs in order to have a healthy cleanse and shed during your next menstrual cycle. Understanding which imbalances your menstrual cycle is showing, using proper period care and vaginal steaming you have helpful tools to get your cycle to a healthy place.  To get support with your menstrual cycle you can book a consultation. Consultations are half price, £30 until 31st March 2020!

Using Peribottles Instead of Toilet Paper Since many communities are experiencing toilet paper shortages I wanted to share an alternative option -- the peribottle. 

Peribottles are commonly used after giving birth while a new mom's perineum is healing up and if there are any stitches. They can however be used any time.  Peribottles are filled with water and used to spray clean instead of dry wipe. Using a peribottle is much more hygenic than using toilet paper. It's like having a shower after every time you go to the bathroom.  Although peribottles are medical supplies I've only found them available for purchase online so please don't try to search for them at pharmacies or medical supply stores -- I don't want to add any extra stress of trying to find something. If possible order some online ASAP. I checked around a little and found that sites still have them in stock. Search "peribottle" in your search engine to find a company to order from. You'll want at least one for every bathroom in your household and some spare ones in case a lid gets lost or to replace them once they get worn down. You can also re-purpose a dishwashing soap container or perhaps a spray bottle to use in the same way.

Here is a YoniLuv Self-Care recap - How to support yourself in times of COVID-19.

contribution from @steamychick

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