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How many cleanses will I need?

Updated: May 10, 2020

Every Goddess is unique and will have different results while using YoniLuv Journey cleanses and therefore the number of cleanses required will vary for each individual. On starting your womb cleansing journey, multiple cleanses over a period of time are required. An average of 5-8 cleanses to support the majority of issues, but some women have experienced lasting improvements using less, while others may need more.

Please remember others factors also have an impact, i.e diet, exercise, mental health, and sexual practices. Diet is a major factor as they have a direct impact, the food we eat can develop or worsen reproductive diseases.

Yoni cleansing is a journey of self-love and self-care which never ends and requires patience and commitment.

Currently suffering from the following?

● Painful periods


● Fibroids

● Infertility

● Endometriosis

● Heavy periods

● Blocked tubes

● Ovarian Cysts

● Low Libido

● Menopausal symptoms

● Lack of sexual pleasure

● Recent childbirth

Have you answered yes to one or more of the above? Then YoniLuv Journey Yoni cleanses, Yoni Steams, and Yoni Wand are products you undeniably need. They can be used separately or together to support the detoxing of your entire reproductive system. From regulating periods, strengthening your uterus, detoxing your womb space, shrinking and draining fibroids, clearing blockages and improving fertility, YoniLuv Journey products do this and more!